The Program

Reach new levels of success


PUROSI – Design Success the Finnish Way online program is ideal for organisations seeking a flexible, modern and on-demand people development solution that supports personal and professional growth in today's fast-paced world.

The 16-week program brings together the best practices from both performance and business coaching, creating a best possible holistic approach to success. With its 30+ video sessions and 10+ personal workbooks, the program is equivalent to 30+ private coaching sessions both in terms of value and output. 

By prioritising individual and team development, and their resilience, organisations can create a thriving work environment that attracts and retains top talent, drives innovation, while reaching sustainable success. These leading to improved corporate wellness, increased psychological safety, and a resilient, high-performing culture. 

This program is not about abstract theories or lectures but rather about self discovery. It emphasises personal development, and the pursuit of happiness and successFocused on implementation and lasting results, PUROSI encourages hands-on learning and provides practical tools.

What you will get 

PUROSI program is equivalent to 30+ private coaching sessions both in terms of value and output.
  • 30+ video sessions and 10+ actionable workbooks from coaches Ahlman & Tag to help you design your weekly actions and put in the work.
  • Time allocated for self reflection and implementation.
  • Weekly insights, tools and ideas to put into practice.
  • Support, exchange of ideas and sharing your progress with coaches and the group.
  • Guidance and tools for implementing learnings.
  • Connect with coaches Ahlman & Tag for accountability, monitoring your progress, and making sure results will follow.
  • Chance to dig deep into desired topics and have a powerful experience that will enhance growth.
  • A personal diploma signed by the coaches

What to expect?

What you can expect from us is our unwavering dedication in helping you reach your full potential. 

By participating in this program you will improve your self leadership skills, develop a stronger resilient baseline and a higher level of self awareness. All these in order to define and reach authentic success in your profession and life.

We guide you towards a balanced and fulfilling life, offering support and encouragement every step of the way. With our coaching approach, we empower you to navigate challenges, discover your strengths, and unlock your potential. 

Together, we'll celebrate your successes, big and small, fostering a culture of positivity and achievement.

What we expect from you is a proactive approach to your personal development, where you are willing to challenge yourself and explore new perspectives, and an open mind towards trying out new tools and forming new habits in everyday life.

Results and personal growth are created when putting learnings from video coaching session, community discussions and workbook contents into real life situations.
It's very important to acknowledge and celebrate successes along the way, recognising milestones and achievements as part of the journey.

Benefits of choosing this program for your team

By prioritising self-awareness, resilience, and self-leadership, we do not just empower individuals to lead more fulfilling lives but also create ripple effects that benefit the entire community. 

This 16-week program supports your company within 

  • Talent retention
  • Talent attraction 
  • Corporate wellness
  • Culture of togetherness and trust
  • Improved psychological safety 
  • Sustainable, healthy, high performing culture 
  • Resilient teams and individuals
  • Improved productivity 
  • Networking and collaboration

Program outline