Personal journey towards success

In Finnish, "purosi" translates to "your stream," where "puro" signifies a small river that flows continuously throughout the year, and "si" denotes possession, meaning "yours."

In Finland, streams, puros, are known for their clear waters, with some hikers even drinking from them. For us, a stream represents the constant flow of life, and in our coaching, it symbolizes your personal journey of continuous progress. Just like a stream effortlessly flows forward in harmony with its surroundings, so too can your path to success be.

At PUROSI, we are committed to guiding you along your unique stream, supporting your journey as you move forward with ease, harmony and alignment with the community around you. 

PUROSI was founded in the beginning of 2024 by Finnish coaches Satu Ahlman and Nora Tag. The first online program Design Success The Finnish Way will be launched in Japanese market in September 2024. 


Our Philosophy

Our mission is to support organisations in redefining success on their own terms.

Our Approach

We offer a holistic approach to success that supports well-being.

The Program

The program brings together the best practices from performance and business coaching.