Finnish Success Pattern

Our method

Finnish Success Pattern

Our Finnish Success Pattern method is a unique approach developed to serve as a core of this program to personal and organisational development. The method draws inspiration from Finnish life principles and cultural values. 

The core of it is the way we approach authentic success, with the help of business and performance coaching. 

In our program, we focus on three key areas of self-development:


A profound understanding of oneself, including values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and motivations. It involves being introspective and having insight into how one's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors impact oneself and others.


Having a solid foundation of mental and emotional strength that enables individuals to withstand challenges, setbacks, and adversity. It involves developing coping mechanisms, building emotional intelligence, and cultivating a positive mindset that allows individuals to bounce back from difficult situations with resilience and perseverance.


Having the skills and mindset necessary to take charge of one's own life, strive for proactive decision-making, set and pursue goals, and navigate through life's ups and downs with autonomy and purpose. It involves self-discipline, self-motivation, and a clear sense of direction and vision for one's life.


We follow these principles:


Simplifying and personalising success. We aim to eliminate unnecessary complexities, outdated belief systems, and instead focusing on what is essential and meaningful in order to achieve clarity and effectiveness. This enables us reach personal and organisational goals, and moreover develop a healthy, sustainable relationship with success and high performance.


Emphasising on practicality and "every day life" utility in strategies, tools, and approaches to ensure the ideas people put into practice serve their intended purpose effectively and efficiently. We move from know-how to show-how in a pragmatic manner, realizing many of the "answers" are actually found within rather than constantly seeking to increase our know-how. 


Promoting balance, coherence, and alignment between individual aspirations, organisational objectives, and societal values to foster holistic well-being and sustainable success. Moving from "mindless grinding" and having the foot on the gas pedal 24/7 to "balanced and mindful performing", getting the best out of ourselves and our teams.


Putting people into the center of organisational development efforts. Always considering their aspirations, preferences, building on their unique strengths and positive experiences. This to establish success patterns and develop solutions that are meaningful, relevant, and impactful for both the individual and team in question. 


Our Philosophy

Our mission is to support organisations in redefining success on their own terms.

The Program

The program brings together the best practices from performance and business coaching.