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From Finland with grit

Moi! (Hello!)

We, coaches Satu Ahlman & Nora Tag from Finland, have served, advised and supported corporate teams, their leaders, entrepreneurs and elite athletes across the Nordics. Now it's time to meet you, our new friends in Japan.

To PUROSI, our brand new premium online coaching program, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the corporate world with track records as CEO, board member, executive advisor, management consultant, advising and coaching business professionals across industries and countries. We have worked with both small businesses and large organisations such as Accenture, PWC, Google, Johnson & Johnson as well as various high performing startups and scale ups.

We want to support Japanese companies facing similar challenges as what Finnish businesses are battling with. As the population ages, competition for skilled professionals intensifies, necessitating the recruitment of workforce from abroad. Recruitment and retention strategies for companies must evolve, as well as methods for creating an efficient and healthy work culture.

At the heart of it all is the individual, who thrives, feels included, recognises their own potential, and knows how to harness it for their own, the company's, and the entire community's benefit. Finland was chosen the Happiest Country in 2024 for the 7th time in a row. While we are humbled yet not perfect, there's something in the Finnish habits, mentality and way of living that makes happiness a state of mind. 

We wanted to create the best possible solution to accelerate organisation's journey to success that lies in happiness. We created PUROSI for ambitious organisations who are looking for a flexible, modern, cost-efficient and on-demand people development solution that supports personal and professional growth in today's fast-paced world.

In the heart of PUROSI is our unique method, Finnish Success Pattern. It rises from Finnish cultural principles of simplicity, functionality, harmony and human-centric, bringing together best practices from performance and business coaching.

Instead of a traditional education program, this is an extraordinary transformation journey where you and your team are required to put in the work, challenge yourself and make change happen. As a result, you’ll become more self aware and equipped with the required mindset, habits, and tools for true success.


We welcome you to join!


Satu Ahlman & Nora Tag

Satu Ahlman

Performance Coach
Leadership Advisor, Entrepreneur
[email protected]


"A firm believer in a systems approach to life and optimising, balancing and enhancing behaviours, mindsets, resilience, and performance. "


Nora Tag

Certified Business Coach
CEO, Entrepreneur
[email protected]

"My passion is to help individuals, teams, and organisations recognise their potential and build success based on values and strengths."


What clients say



First and foremost, I would like to say, thank you Ahlman, from the bottom of my heart! With her guidance, I was able to change the direction of my life.

- Account Director


Tag is an excellent listener and observer. Challenges were approached from various angles as Tag guided the conversation. Solutions or keys to solutions were always found in our own hands after a shared conversation.



Ahlman is a great professional coach with in-depth experience in the business world. She has an excellent practical approach with real-life examples and pushing to think and act outside the norms.

- Director


Ahlman’s love for cultural diversity made her successful in all kinds of multicultural environments, quite everywhere in the world. She creates excellent relationships with people and has a strong impact.

- Senior Partner


Tag is empathetic, understanding, wise, and skilled. She knows how to ask the right questions at the right time. Tag is a seasoned professional, and her approach to coaching is truly excellent.

- Manager


I was happy to be coached by Ahlman for several months during the past year. Ahlman's ability to make a comprehensive analysis of the client's situation is something unique. She has extensive knowledge of performance, resilience, productivity and human capacity.



The coaching process with Tag was a fantastic journey! Tag is present and asks questions at the right places, opening up new thoughts. She creates an open and safe space for the coachee to be truly themselves.

- Head of AI tech


Tag has a wonderful way of connecting with people and genuinely getting to know them with an open mind. Tag's positivity is contagious, and it was a joy to work on important matters with her.

- Manager


With Ahlman’s framework of collaboration, honest feedback, and coaching we managed to adopt new habits, stay disciplined and harvest long-term results.

- Executive