Our approach

Based on science

Our approach

At PUROSI, our approach to coaching is supported by extensive research, science and naturally years of hands-on experience. Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of prioritising factors such as self-awareness, resilience, and self-leadership in achieving sustainable success and well-being.

Research in positive psychology has shown that individuals who have developed a deep understanding of themselves and their values are more likely to experience greater levels of life satisfaction and fulfillment. When employees align their actions with their core values, they get to  experience more authentic and meaningful lives, resulting in heightened productivity and morale.

Furthermore, studies in resilience have demonstrated what a crucial role it plays in overcoming adversity and thriving in the face of challenges. Through this type of coaching, individuals learn to reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth, develop coping strategies, and cultivate a positive mindset. Furthermore, increased levels of resilience helps employees to navigate the unpredictable nature of work environments with confidence, ultimately contributing to organisational resilience and success. 


We offer a holistic approach to success that supports personal and organisational well-being.

In addition, research on self-leadership has highlighted its significance in driving personal and professional success. Coaching empowers individuals to take ownership of their lives, set clear goals, and develop effective self-management skills. Through continuous coaching, individuals receive guidance, feedback, and support to enhance their leadership capabilities, leading to improved performance and career advancement.

By providing this program to all employees, organisations empower everyone reach their full potential, supporting overall performance and innovation. Additionally, coaching may help address barriers linked to inclusion, such as unconscious bias, by promoting self-awareness and empathy among employees.

Investing in coaching for the entire organisation not only enhances individual well-being and resilience but also fosters a culture of healthy high performance, ultimately leading to organisational success and sustainability.

Moreover, the flexibility of PUROSI's online people development program allows individuals to access support when it suits their schedule. The on-demand solution accommodates busy lifestyles making it convenient for individuals to prioritise their personal growth and development. Whether it's a quick check-in session during a lunch break or a deep dive into personal goals on the weekend, our online platform ensures that support is always available when needed.

At PUROSI, we are committed to empower individuals to thrive in all areas of their lives, supporting them on their journeys to personal and professional success.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to support organisations in redefining success on their own terms.

The Program

The program brings together the best practices from performance and business coaching.